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ANTEROOF Knee Wraps + Wrist Wraps + Weight Lifting Straps Bundle (3 Pairs) for Weightlifting Bodybuilding Strength Training Workout Gym, Fitness Protective Set for Men & Women

ANTEROOF Knee Wraps + Wrist Wraps + Weight Lifting Straps Bundle (3 Pairs) for Weightlifting Bodybuilding Strength Training Workout Gym, Fitness Protective Set for Men & Women

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  • 【ONE SET FOR MULTIPLE PURPOSE】Are you still wondering which protective gear you need to buy for fitness? Now you don't have to worry anymore, our set includes three necessary fitness protective gears: wrist wraps, knee wraps, and lifting straps. It can perfectly protect your vulnerable wrist and knee joints and better assist you to push your limits. Go beyond yourself with the ANTEROOF Gym Kit!
  • 【WRIST WRAPS】Wrist wraps made of premium fabrics are supportive and elastic. Sweat-wicking fibers keep your wrists from feeling hot and humid. Keeps skin dry and breathable even when sweating. Due to the fixing ring design, the wrist wraps will not shift during exercise.
  • 【KNEE WRAPS】The wrap-around knee wraps are more professional than the slip-on type, it can protect your knee from strains, sprains, or cold in all aspects, and saves time and effort. Velcro has a wide enough range that anyone can adjust to just the right amount of tightness without being too loose or too tight.
  • 【LIFTING STRAPS】Different from other weight lifting straps, our straps with anti-slip latex threads on the surface will never slip during use. There is microfiber edging at the end, and there will be no wear or loose wire after long-term use. Soft sponge padding doesn't hold hands and prevents calluses.
  • 【CUSTOMER FIRST】We are confident that you will be satisfied with the high-quality ANTEROOF fitness protective gear set. If you have any dissatisfaction or do not understand about this product, please feel free to contact us, our customer service staff will give you a satisfactory answer and solution.

Product description

The ANTEROOF Fitness Protective Kit is designed to help you break through every step of the way.

We insist on using only high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes. This set of high-quality fitness protective gear provides support and stability for your wrist and knee joints during any intensity of training, eliminating potential joint threats and allowing you to exercise in a safe environment.

Don't underestimate the importance of sports protective gear, which is a must for every fitness person. The joints of the human body are very fragile. If they aren't well protected, the root of the disease will definitely fall in the long run, and it will be too late to regret it.

The invasion of cold and humid air is the main cause of joint neuralgia. ANTEROOF nylon knitted wrist & knee pads can effectively prevent cold air from entering the body and avoid chronic diseases such as arthritis.

The lifting strap works by transferring weight from the fragile palm to the wrist, yet the wrist is protected by the wrist wraps included in the set. The knee wraps also protect the knees that bear the full weight. Don't hesitate anymore, this protective gear set is your best choice. Go to the gym, as long as an ANTEROOF protective gear set is enough.


Wrist Wraps

  • HIGH ELASTIC FABRICMade of high-stretch knitted fabric, it can effectively relieve hand pressure. While it's supportive, the fabric isn't stiff at all. It can ensure the flexible rotation of the bones while protecting the wrist joint.
  • WIDE RANGE VELCROVelcro has a strong self-adhesive. After thousands of times of stickiness tests, the stickiness will not decrease for a long time. The Velcro can be attached to a large range and can be freely adjusted to a comfortable size.
  • BREATHABLE FIBERThe upgraded wristband fabric wicks moisture. Sweat-wicking fibers allow good air circulation to help keep skin dry and breathable for a more comfortable fit.
  • FIXING RING DESIGNThumb fixing ring design allows the wristband to be fixed on the wrist without shifting during intense exercise. The fixing ring is elastic and has a good fit without pinching your thumb.


Knee Wraps

  • ANTEROOF PROFESSIONAL KNEE WRAPSThe ANTEROOF Knee Wraps will make a real change to your bodybuilding, helping you push your limits by providing an upward lift as you perform weight-bearing bends in your legs. Just use it once and you can see how good it is.
  • WIDENED AND ELONGATED VELCROThanks to the thoughtful Velcro design, the tightness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the training weight level and personal preference, in order to avoid cutting off blood circulation due to too tight binding or falling off during exercise due to being too loose.
  • WINDING KNEE WRAPSA winding knee wrap can apply balanced and powerful pressure around the knee joint in a multi-directional manner. It is very convenient to wear, just wrap it tightly, no need to cover it from the foot to the knee, saving time and effort.
  • SUFFICIENT LENGTHOur knee wraps are 6.56 feet long enough to wrap the entire knee for full leg strength. And your knees will feel warm and wrapped, which can greatly reduce the risk of arthritis.

Lifting Straps

  • SUPERIOR SLIP RESISTANCEDouble rows of anti-skid latex threads are evenly distributed on the power-assist belt, which greatly enhances the friction force and prevents the fitness equipment from accidentally slipping off during training and causing injury. Even if your hands are sweaty, it does not affect the anti-skid performance of the power assist belt.
  • REASSURING PROTECTIONWith foam padding, soft, comfortable, and elastic, it can protect your hands and avoid wrist strain when you are training with weight. Our thick lifting straps are 26 inches long and wrap 2-3 turns around the bar. The 1.5" width increases the contact surface and prevents cocooning.
  • PRECISE WORKMANSHIPWith sturdy stitching and microfiber edging, it won't slip or fray. The high-density webbing ensures enough support and won't split like other poor-quality booster belts.
  • EFFECTIVE SUPPORTThe power assist straps can delay forearm exhaustion, eliminate grip fatigue, and fully exercise target muscle groups. With ANTEROOF straps, you can focus on the condition of your muscle groups instead of grip strength.
This set of protective equipment works well and is durable. The package arrived shortly after the order was placed. The knee wrap has a wide adjustable range and is suitable for various figures. Because it is very elastic, when I squat down, I can feel that it has an upward support force supporting me. The Velcro is very firm. As long as you wrap it and stick it tightly, it will not fall off during exercise. The wrist wrap applies to all kinds of body sizes as well as the knee wraps because it is also adjustable. It is made of breathable materials, which can absorb moisture and sweat. People who sweat easily can also use it with confidence. It has a very considerate L&R logo, which saves time and labor. There is also a fixing ring on the wrist wrap, so you don't need to worry about the wrist guard shifting during exercise, which can protect the wrist bones well. The anti-skid performance of the lifting strap is excellent because there are two rows of anti-skid latex wires on it so that the exercise equipment will not slip from the hand. Wearing it to exercise is not so easy to exhaustion. The wrist part has a soft and thick sponge pad, which can be worn for a long time without restricting the hand. It is very comfortable. All in all, I think it’s worth buying, I recommend it.
I really enjoy the quality and durability of using these straps when going to the gym. I often have wrist pains and knee pains, especially after working out. Now, I feel more protected and hardly have pains afterward. Very easy to pack and put on. A great value and complete set.
As I've gotten older, I've found that my joints don't have the same stability and support as they used to. That's why I decided to give the ANTEROOF's Wraps and Straps Bundle a try. I'm glad I did! These wraps have made a huge difference in my weightlifting routine. The knee wraps provide much-needed support and stability for my knees, which has allowed me to continue leg exercises without fear of injury. The wrist wraps also give me the support I need to push myself harder on lifts such as bench press and overhead press. The weightlifting straps are a great bonus and have helped me to increase the weight I can handle on back exercises like rows and pull-ups. I'm impressed with the quality of the materials used in these wraps. They are well made and have held up well after multiple uses. The Velcro closures are strong and secure, and the wraps stay in place during my workouts. Yes, I highly recommend the ANTEROOF's Wraps and Straps Bundle to anyone, but especially to those who are getting older and looking for added support and stability during their weightlifting workouts.
Sherman Haynes
This is a really nice matching set of straps and wraps from Anteroof! They're all beefy... NOT cheap. Strong velcro closures on the wraps... which is an absolute MUST for me. Straps are nice and long at 26 in., and are 1.5 in. wide. One of the main reasons I ordered this set is for the +/- 78 in.-length of the knee-wraps. Most knee-wraps are only 6 ft. long (72 in.), and the extra 6 in. on these is going to make a big difference for me. In fact, I wish they were even longer! Quality materials and strong stitching. These should all definitely last me a looong time... Five stars, and recommended.
The lifting straps are excellent. Great protection, long enough to make a couple wraps on the bar, and easy to use. The wrist wraps provide a good amount of support and are comfy. The knee wraps are super long and pretty bulky when you wrap them. I mean, I guess it's supportive, but pretty uncomfortable for squatting. Might be different for people with larger quads and knees?
A good quality set of knee wraps, wrist wraps, and weight-lifting straps. These are definitely appropriate for a beginning to mid-level experienced lifter. The material is moisture-wicking, and the straps stay in place and hold as they should. These will definitely enhance your lifting experience and make it easier to hit PR's . The stitching and quality of the material are excellent. There are two rows of anti-skid latex wires attached on the lifting straps, which really helps increase confidence in this product. The knee wraps measured approximately 76 inches long, the wrist wraps measured just under 24 inches long, and the weight- lifting straps measured a little over 24 inches long. Overall this a great buy for a quality product, and I will continue to use these. Highly recommend, hope this helps.
The quality is really good and provide solid and sturdy support for my knee and wrist. The fabric is very strong. It is definitely durable and I guess it will last a very long time. The knee wrap is elastic and easy to wear (I like Velcro). The lift straps is a little bit tricky to use, however I don't use them often. I especially like the wrist wraps, I feel comfortable and can be wear for a long time and feel protective. Overall, this whole set protective gears is worthy buying.
Kindle Customer
I am so very pleased with this set! I have another set of wrist straps that are not nearly as comfortable as these. Wraps are also a good quality. Easy to use and helpful in lifting heavy! I wish they came with instructions, but easy enough to find that info online. Highly recommend!
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